Below is an introductory article about Truth About Tupac featured in the new April issue of Bear Witness magazine.





Back in 1996, Tupac Shakur sat down with then Vibe Magazine writer Rob Marriott and gave what was intended to be the first in a series of interviews detailing his life and personal outlook on a variety of topics. Unfortunately, this initial recorded meeting turned out to be what is now widely known as the infamous “Last Interview”. Pac touched on many things in this interview and provided several of his more controversial quotes, one in particular which seems to encapsulate this writer’s own personal outlook of Tupac.

“I want these lil niggas to know that I didn’t get this power from guns because there are no guns in jail…I got it from books, and by reading, and thinking and strategizing”.

If there is any one single quote that embodies the spirit of the Truth About Tupac Movement this would be it. Fifteen years following the exit of Tupac, our movement has picked up the baton of this ideology so to speak, and we are running with it. is both an interactive and collective community of learning first and foremost, a spot where many people from all across the globe that were touched by Pac can come together and work towards a better understanding of the many lessons within his life and artwork that have been left behind for us.

We must keep in mind there are many truths about Tupac, not simply in relation to the way he died, but the way that he lived his life, and the ideas that inspired him. Our movement has made it our objective to explore and uncover these many underlying truths, with an ultimate goal of enabling those he touched to view the story of Tupac Amaru Shakur in a proper context. At the same time we aren’t offering the truth on a silver platter, simply extending an opportunity to those that wish to join us in search of it. Above and beyond that it is our wish to provoke thought and empower people by encouraging them to “plan, plot, strategize” for themselves. (or “TAT” for short) is fully integrated with both Facebook and Twitter, and it is a virtual treasure trove of rare and exclusive content. We have been fortunate to have the support of many people that are in their own unique way close to the legacy of Tupac, many of which are active members. During the fall of 2010, TAT collaborated with Ms. Leila Steinberg on an academic curriculum entitled “Mind Of Makaveli” which took place in Los Angeles, in addition we have also conducted an array of exclusive interviews with people such as Hussein Fatal and Mutah “Napoleon” Beale of The Outlawz, “Big Frank” Alexander, Freeway Ricky Ross, authors Cathy Scott and Drah Cenedive, video directors Lionel C. Martin and Gobi among many others. And we’re only getting started, as Pac once said, we haven’t even laid our plan out yet.

In closing, the statue that stands at the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation in Stone Mountain, Georgia, features one of his most well known (and highest regarded) quotes…”I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee you I will spark the brain that will change the world”…could that brain be yours? or mine? Or even better yet ours collectively, in solidarity. Peace.
Shawn Sparxx

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Homey what would we do with out you?...Excellently written, my friend. I don't think anyone could say it quite like you did.

feel me? ... hell yah Sparxx got da torch right now, and "the half still hasnt even been told" yet! 


great article congrats!

Thanks to everyone here, appreciate it fam. Also wanna thank Da KRSE and "Bear Witness" magazine for giving TAT some shine by featuring our movement (and publishing my article). It is truly in the spirit of us all building together and I am feelin that...Much Love



Mr. Sparxx~ That's dope Bruh.. Pac would bee proud of the way people just don't take what the media say but actually look into it 4themselvez.. Keep spittin...

No doubt, thank you Miss Harvey. I appreciate the love and it's cool to meet you sis.





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