Following the unfortunate death this week of Tupac bodyguard Frank Alexander, I take a look back in time spent in the spotlight with Frank, including appearing with him on comedian Kevin Nealon's television show "The Conspiracy Zone."

"Alexander was in a car directly behind Tupac and his record producer, Suge Knight, in September 1996 near the Las Vegas Strip when Tupac was shot. A passenger in a white Cadillac pulled next to Suge and Tupac’s BMW, opened fire, hitting Tupac and grazing Knight."

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Thank you Cathy for sharing this & keepin it real, also for your support of TAT movement!

Happy to add to the discussion but sorry about the occasion. Thanks for your support.

'CAthy do you still believe Suge setup Tupac's killings?

No Cathy does not believe that.... is probably why she hasn't replied yet, if you been paying attention and studying TAT you would know that.

I haven't been studying TAT, I'm new that is why I asked.  But she wrote a whole book on the Suge Knight theory and now you have an attitude cuz she was wrong? smh

My book includes all theories, not just one. I have never supported, because there are no facts or evidence to back it up, that Suge had something to do with Tuapc's murder. Don't know where you're getting that from, but it's not the case. I've gone on record many times that there's nothing to back up the Suge theory. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

I remember specifically on one interview you trying to say because Orlando Anderson was waiting in the lobby and did not have tickets to the fight that it support your theory of being a setup.  U asked why would he be in the lobby almost waiting for something to happen even though he had no tickets.  There are hundreds of thousands of people who come to fight weekend, NBA all-star weekend, etc and only a small % will actually get to the game/fight.  But because you don't know our culture you say this was suspecious.  U also said something to the affect that Tupac was worth to Suge dead than alive.

That was just a comment about the music, when I was asked about it. You're talking about a very early interview, I would imagine. Orlando was waiting for people near the elevators and Tupac and his entourage happened to come across him. Yes, in my book I say that thousands of people come to Vegas every weekend, especially on a fight night. I trust you haven't read my book. Otherwise you would know what I've written.

Yes I read the book over 10 years and don't remember 1 from other. But the interview I remember specifically because you were trying to make it like it was so odd for someone to be in the lobby with no tickets to the fight. I believe you even asked Why was he even in Vegas since he didn't have a ticket to the fight.

Orlando originally told police that he had a ticket to the fight and that's why he was in town. Then he changed his story. Later, as is often the case involving unfolding criminal investigations, I learned that Crips members with Orlando in Vegas had attended the fight, which meant Orlando was waiting for them inside the MGM. It has nothing to do with understanding a culture or not, as you put it. It has to do with details of the case.

YEs but you said it was a red flag to WHY Orlando Anderson was in Las Vegas in the first place.  He was in town for the fight like everybody else. Then you say because he didn't have a ticket and wanted to purchase it he would have needed $2,000, then he said he came to gamble, so that was inconsitent according to you.  We come down for the fight and to gamble.  And what does it matter his reason for coming down, I dont think any Tupac theory suggest that he came down for the purpose of killing tupac.  So what did it matter the reason he was down there??

Scalped tickets were going for $2,000. Maybe we should just cut to the chase? Tupac, Suge and some of their crew stomped on and kicked Orlando. So Orlando and his Crips crew, in retaliation for the beating, shot Tupac. That appears to be the motive. Street justice. But I don't believe there's anything I can say to you, because you've already made up your mind about me. So be it.





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