I was browsing through Makaveli-Board and I've found this.
All props to M-B member sidaniels.

"Well, enough with the bullshit.
The aim of the topic is to talk about the famous photo of the autopsy of 2Pac. I've seen a lot of people trying to prove that the photo is fake, but I've never seen a conclusive argument. The main one is that his neck tatto (that says, "Makaveli") is missing."

"No need to be a genius to know that a black tattoo, on the skin of a black guy in a shaded area, would be VERY DIFFICULT to be seen."

"But the problem is: You can see the tattoo in the photo, just a simple zoom in and willingness to see the truth. That is what I will show (at least I’ll try to)."

"Before the photos, let me make clear that I work for about eight years as a graphic designer and I can say I have a great grip on some image editing software, especially Photoshop."

"I can GUARANTEE that in 1996 or 1997 would be impossible to fake a photo like that using any imaging software. At that time, even the internet was "crawling". Besides, do you really think that an experienced professional so (that would be a "photoshop god") would bother to make such a perfect “Fake photo” and forget a "detail" as important as a tattoo? Of course not."

"Well, here are the pictures. I do not want to convince anyone, but to me seem pretty clear."

"[THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PHOTO THAT I TOOK DIRECTLY FORM CATHY SCOTTY'S BOOK IN PDF VERSION, NOT EDITED]. Just by zooming in you can identify some "strange" black marks that clearly doesn't belong to the skin."

[THE SAME IMAGE, BUT A APPLIED SOME FILTERS IN PHOTOSHOP IN ORDER TO ADD SOME CONTRAST TO THE BLACK MARKS]. Don't know about you, but I can see something that looks like letters.


Tip: if can't see it, try to look at your monitor (it works better in laptops) from another angle (the contrast starts to change).

The letters even look to be under the white tube (used to drain fluids from the body).
I think this whole thing about Pac being alive could easily be finished if someone in Vegas with "contacts" could have access to someone working at the "office of the coroner". Cathy says in her book that there's a lot of photos from the autopsy (35mm photos) locked in their archives. Perhaps someone could try to check it =)

Thanx for reading!

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I believe the pic is fake. Blood is drained from the body BEFORE any cuts or incisions are made to the body. You don't cut it open and then drain it. Makes no sense.

Hope, unfortunately you are wrong. They dont drain blood BEFORE autopsies. As you might imagine corpses dont "bleed" in the normal fashion because there is no blood pressure. However, corpses do leak body fluids. Blood is only drained POST autopsy if the corpse is going to be embalmed. Since Pacs corpse was already slated for cremation, no blood was drained. 

Thanks for those details, Greg.

Thanks for posting this, Colonel D.S. To Hope: Removing organs, lymph nodes and the brain during autopsies is common in medical examining rooms across the country. It was done in Tupac's case, as it is with others.

I agree with Cathy - this is a great post and it is encouraging to see someone putting in the work to get the true story told. Kudos to whoever took the time to dissect the photo. 

Much more to be seen in 2013. 

Cathy and Greg when if ever will the other autopsy Photos of Pac be released to us.. and what kind of other photos have both of you personally seen ? Numbers and details please. Im very curious since i believe Pac paid off everyone and faked his death.

@ aahmed - we have had many conversations and you know I got nothing but respect for you, but let me ask you a couple questions. Does it really matter how many other autopsy photos there are? Since you already believe Pac is alive in spite of all the overwhelming empirical evidence to the contrary, won't you just say all other photos are fake? 

Since the photograph in question was published by Cathy Scott, if it is in fact a fake, doesn't that make her part of Tupac's conspiracy to fake his death? Would she really put her journalism reputation on the line to participate in such a scheme? Of course, if it were discovered she knowingly deceived the public, she could never write another book with any credibility - yet she continues to write. The great irony of this whole thing is that Cathy Scott published the autopsy photograph with the expressed intent to PRECLUDE conspiracy theorists from claiming Tupac is alive. 

Before I go on, do you suppose Pac planned to fake his death after he was shot or before? Either way, you will run into insurmountable problems. The one issue that "Alive" theorists refuse to discuss or recognize is the massive number of people, from many different professions and walks of life, that would be necessary to accomplish such a task. Much less keep it all secret for 16 years. There were 56 members of the Las Vegas Police Department that participated in the initial investigation. Not to mention rescue personnel, doctors, nurses, coroners, morticians, crime scene analysts, etc., etc.  All these people would have to agree to put their professional reputations, careers, family interests, even risk jail time for perjury, obstruction of justice, fraud, etc., all to help a guy they neither knew or cared about. Pac was a shooting victim to them - nothing more, nothing less. And where did the millions and millions of dollars come from to pay these people? Pac didn't have it. Suge didn't have it. Kenner had some, but Pac had already fired him! It is hard to believe that intelligent people like yourself entertain this ridiculous theory. C'mon Aahmed, you're smarter than that brother!

Lastly, just to answer your question, I don't know exactly how many autopsy photos are in the coroner's archive. There were dozens in the investigative file. I Xeroxed some black and whites. Same type quality as Cathy's. Will I release them? No. I'd only get the same response that Cathy has. Furthermore, it's my personal opinion that families shouldn't see their loved ones in that state. I wouldn't want pictures of my own butchered son made public.

The photo was published AFTER mainstream media, including The Associated Press, quoted fans saying that Tupac had faked his death. I had the color photo but had no intent of publishing it in the book. Those reports prompted the publisher and me to include it. It was after those reports, not before the faked-death theory came out, that my book came out.

The original photo I have is in color, not black and white. It was reproduced in my book in black and white. I have not released the original color photo; it is quite vivid in color. Any color photos on the Internet have been colorized from my book and do not precisely and exactly match my original -- and I cannot attest to their authenticity because they have been altered. I was told, when the photo was leaked to me, how many photos were in the coroner's office file and how many were in the police department's file. If you have black-and-white copies of the other autopsy pics still in the possession of authorities, Greg, I believe they are reproductions of the original color pics. My understanding, from my source, is that all of the photos were taken in the autopsy room using color film.

Yes, I should have clarified. When I Xeroxed the pics from the files Vegas gave us, it was on a black and white copy machine. 

Mainstream media, gross!


Hi Greg,

Thanks for you're reply. it was very interesting to read. May I ask you a question in relation to the autopsy photo- apart from the above photo that was published in Cathy's book, have u seen other autopsy photos of Tupac ?

 Also, with this new Tupac movie coming out, will you be apart of the movie/documentary since you were very much involved in his murder case? I'm sure were all wondering the same thing as to what to expect from this movie.





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