I was browsing through Makaveli-Board and I've found this.
All props to M-B member sidaniels.

"Well, enough with the bullshit.
The aim of the topic is to talk about the famous photo of the autopsy of 2Pac. I've seen a lot of people trying to prove that the photo is fake, but I've never seen a conclusive argument. The main one is that his neck tatto (that says, "Makaveli") is missing."

"No need to be a genius to know that a black tattoo, on the skin of a black guy in a shaded area, would be VERY DIFFICULT to be seen."

"But the problem is: You can see the tattoo in the photo, just a simple zoom in and willingness to see the truth. That is what I will show (at least I’ll try to)."

"Before the photos, let me make clear that I work for about eight years as a graphic designer and I can say I have a great grip on some image editing software, especially Photoshop."

"I can GUARANTEE that in 1996 or 1997 would be impossible to fake a photo like that using any imaging software. At that time, even the internet was "crawling". Besides, do you really think that an experienced professional so (that would be a "photoshop god") would bother to make such a perfect “Fake photo” and forget a "detail" as important as a tattoo? Of course not."

"Well, here are the pictures. I do not want to convince anyone, but to me seem pretty clear."

"[THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PHOTO THAT I TOOK DIRECTLY FORM CATHY SCOTTY'S BOOK IN PDF VERSION, NOT EDITED]. Just by zooming in you can identify some "strange" black marks that clearly doesn't belong to the skin."

[THE SAME IMAGE, BUT A APPLIED SOME FILTERS IN PHOTOSHOP IN ORDER TO ADD SOME CONTRAST TO THE BLACK MARKS]. Don't know about you, but I can see something that looks like letters.


Tip: if can't see it, try to look at your monitor (it works better in laptops) from another angle (the contrast starts to change).

The letters even look to be under the white tube (used to drain fluids from the body).
I think this whole thing about Pac being alive could easily be finished if someone in Vegas with "contacts" could have access to someone working at the "office of the coroner". Cathy says in her book that there's a lot of photos from the autopsy (35mm photos) locked in their archives. Perhaps someone could try to check it =)

Thanx for reading!

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that's exactly my point. You never seen him dead. And of course if it was my son as a mother I would do and say whatever I needed to in order to protect my son from the rest of the world that wanted him dead. This has nothing to do with you being a credible employee having doubt in YOU personally.But I do believe the media are not always telling us the truth every time something is published. Can I ask you do you believe everything you read on the news? I some how think the answer to this question would be NO. All I'm saying is nobody seen him dead, so anybody can say anything. And as a reporter, you did your part on telling a story that maybe true? or maybe incorrect? nobody really knows except tupacs family & close freinds of what the truth really is. that's all I'm saying........

Wrong. Afeni saw him dead, as did his aunt. His mother identified his body, which is a requirement that the next of kin identify the body for the death certificate. All procedures were followed to the T. Hundreds of people -- Tupac's family, hospital, ambulance, police, including the sheriff, coroner's office, Nevada Highway Patrol, Clark County, and the City of Las Vegas officials and personnel involved in a (drumroll here) "conspiracy" so a black rapper in a highly prejudicial town (Las Vegas is still called the Little Mississippi of the West) whose name they couldn't even pronounce could fake his own death? Absolutely absurd -- and laughable. I have been a journalist for 23 years. I interviewed hundreds of people, read hundreds of pages of documents, and have covered the case for 15 years. To use your phrase, with all due respect, no, my research and reporting is not "incorrect."

So are you saying it's totally not possible that he could not have faked his own death in order to have a normal life since he wanted this so badly towards the end of his career? I find that very laughable also........The police were on his every move, there is much more to this story we all know nothing about.so I don't understand how you find it laughable?

I also know his mother pronounced him death etc...

When I said, "Nobody" seen him dead, I meant to say apart from his immediate family. Of course they would say this.Remember his mother was accused of doing much worse back in the black panther days.So why wouldn't she say and do whatever needed to protect her son?

That's good for you that you've been a reporter for all them years.You can't possibly be correct on everything you've covered over the years..I'm not here to argue, This is my belief. I am entitled to think whatever I like. The media is there to pump out what they want us to hear, never anything that they don't want us to know about it.Good Night, I'm done disputing over this.

His mother didn't "pronounce" him dead. She didn't have the authority to do that. A doctor pronounced him dead. She positively identified his body as her son. And his mother wasn't accused. She was actually criminally charged with murder, represented herself and was acquitted. Over and out. I'm done.

Here's what it all boils down to. The notion that Tupac, on the night of September 13th 1996, had, IN FACT died, is based on hear-say and the testimony of individuals who may or may not have their own motive for what they choose to disclose.

I will say that it is interesting that certain folks on here seem hell bent on pushing a certain narrative to the point that one ponders the likeliness of, shall we say "other interest's motives"? Surely, for the sake of all fairness, you can see how the aforementioned concerns are obvious to many people, fans or otherwise. Yet, Cathy, you seem to misunderstand the position in which Tina was coming from, almost intently it seems.

And to deny that ones death, with enough resources, planning, given that a certain party(s) were so inclined, however outlandish or unlikely it may seem, is possible to fake, only stands to reinforce that notion of a force-fed narrative. 

There is no SOLID evidence to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that Mr. Shakur is dead or alive, in any case. I believe that is the only point Ms. Delfino was trying to make. 

Hi Tina...I don't usually allow myself to get drawn into "Alive" debates, but feel a sense of responsibility to Pac fans who are genuinely confused, frustrated, etc., over all the competing information out there about Pac's death. I appreciate your intelligence and style of argumentation. I appreciate your respectful tone. You bring up valid points that deserve to be addressed. For that reason, I will engage with you as long as you'd like to try and separate fact from fantasy. 

Let me start with a quick caveat about Cathy Scott. I have never met the lady, but have spoken with her on the phone several times and read her book(s) and articles regarding Tupac. Her voice is one of "authority" and should be perceived as such. She has diligently tried to provide the public with "facts" to the best of her considerable ability. Her voice should be heard over the voices of others who have neither the credentials or credibility to speak with "authority" on Pac's case. People think that just because someone was close to Tupac, they should have the answers - they don't. They are guessing just like everyone else. The Outlaws dont have a fucking clue what happened. Frank Alexander doesn't either. Although these people were around Pac, They didn't know what was going on behind closed doors, much less the closed doors of the enemies camp. They are not "authorities". Some of them don't even qualify as witnesses.

Much of the "Alive" information is propagated for socio-political reasons. It is in the best interest of the "movement" to keep conspiracy, mystery, controversy, scandal, etc., out in front of Pac's legacy. As I have stated before, there are nefarious forces intent keeping Tupac alive to serve those socio-political agendas. The "truth" about Tupac (insofar as his death) is secondary to that groups social objective. It's a conspiracy to create a conspiracy. I heard the term "ante-illuminati" to describe them. There is "value" in keeping Pac "Alive" regardless of whether it's true.

Of course, not all "Alive" theorists are apart of this, but some are. Which is why we must demand verification and substantiation of information before we accept it as fact. Logic and sound reasoning also must play a crucial role if we want to find an objective truth.

Let me point out a minor flaw in your discussion with Cathy. You say, "the Outlaws never saw Tupac dead" (paraphrasing) and you use that as a point to support your argument. The obvious counter to that is, "well, which of them saw him alive?". Now that Cathy has explained the tight security at the trauma center (which I can attest to having escorted hundreds of shooting victims to the hospital) it is no surprise that no one saw Pac dead on the table. Even Kevin Hackie, who tried to get in to see Pac by saying he was an FBI agent investigating the case, was not allowed in. So, all things considered, the Outlaws assertion that they never saw Pac dead is valueless. It can be used to defend either side of the argument. 

I don't know Afeni, so I am purely speculating here, but I doubt she is the same person today (or in 1996) that she was in her Black panther days. We are not talking about politics, we are talking about her child. Allowing controversy around her child death to continue may or may not serve the legacy that she desires for him. When I met with her representative and sister (just prior to the release of my book), all they said was, "thank you detective for your efforts, but you haven't really told us anything that we didn't already know". I wasn't exactly sure how to interpret that, but I took it to mean they knew Orlando killed Pac. Since Afeni publicly accused Orlando of killing Pac back when it happened, it seemed to substantiate that interpretation. Recently, Afeni reached out to the mother of Trayvon Martin and said..."I feel your pain, I too, had my son murdered". It's hard for me to imagine Afeni would go out of her way to lie to a grieving mother. It makes more sense she simply wanted to share in the grief because she had experienced it herself.

Anyhow, I'm carrying on. In closing, I just want to say, as difficult and painful as it might be, you have to think with your head and not your heart. Pac is dead. It is best to remember him in truth than in lies. Peace. 


Thanks for your kind words, Tina.

Sis, Rely on the professionals, they investigated this case for years and they know their job.

Still the alive believers won't believe this and continues to deny and refuse to accept it. Well that's their choice though. Everyone has their own beliefs.

And Cathy Scott is absolutely right. Dale Pugh was one who pronounced Tupac dead.


Question to both Cathy and Greg:

What does it say on the second page of the Coroners Report?

Is there anyway to get the rest of the Autopsy pictures of Tupac Shakur or is it strictly confidential unless you get permission from Afeni & Shakur Family?

Thank you everyone for participating and sharing your thoughts!

Keep going.

Good question. It's a description of the injuries and the trajectory of the bullets and the condition of Tupac's body, similar to what is in Big's autopsy report. Those details are quoted from the coroner's report and laid out in my book.

The same Aunt who said in a Pac documentary that Pac would love people thinking that he is alive and that he is not somewhere quiet he is probably somewhere 'cracking up'. Greg if im able to 2morro to write a long detailed response to all questions. Im mainly going to be defending alive theories and why they should not be ignored but deeply looked into. I will try my best :)

Sounds good Aahmed...looking forward to the discussion. Have a great weekend.

@ The Colonel - there are several avenues in which you could potentially get Pac's autopsy report. Court order, Freedom of Information Act, a clerical fuck-up (like in Biggies case), etc. The LVMPD may even provide one to Afeni if her lawyer were to request it. If LVMPD lifted their request to keep the document confidential, the coroners office would be obligated to make it public. 

However, I strongly doubt any autopsy report would make any difference to the "Alive" theorists. They would just simply claim the document is further evidence that Pac paid off the coroner. All the autopsy report is going to tell us is the exact same thing Biggies autopsy report did: Pac was killed as a result of gunshot wounds. WE ALREADY KNOW THAT, right?

As far as the pictures, don't hold your breath. Unless more were leaked, they will remain in the investigative files. No professional, including myself would publish such items without Afeni's expressed permission. It would be irresponsible. Cathy Scott published her photo for a legitimate purpose, and from what I understand, with Afeni's permission. More "dead" photos would do nothing to convince the already convinced "Alive" theorists to change their views. They have taken one of the most compelling evidences of Pac's death and twisted it to their advantage already. We can only expect more of the same. 





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