dropping some knowledge on why i think pac is alive part 1

There were some very important words that 2pac said as far back as 1991 on a 2pacalypse Nowtrack called "Trapped" but those words have been overlooked because for some reason most 2pac fans think that everything 2pac said prior to signing to Deathrow Records is irrelevant, but that is not necessarily true. Lets look at what he said on "Trapped " :

(1) "Then I said I had enough. There must be another route, way out to money and fame, I CHANGED my name and PLAYED A DIFFERENT GAME"

I believe that what 2pac was trying to show us in that line was "I CHANGED" and "PLAYED A DIFFERENT GAME." If you extract those words from the context, you see the deeper things that he wants to reveal to us. It's two things. HE CHANGED and PLAYED A DIFFERENT GAME.

(2) It's quite a coincidence that in "Never Call U Bitch Again " he says something similar ,"I see Yesterday I called you names and PLAYED MANY GAMES on your mind. I promised that I’LL CHANGE IN TIME."

^^^As you could see he talks about PLAYING GAMES and he promised that HE'LL CHANGE. Well, in "Trapped" he said , "I CHANGED" and "PLAYED A DIFFERENT GAME". 
So what is this DIFFERENT GAME that he played? 2pac tells us the answer in his prison interviewbelow : (3) ^^^At 16:42 Pac says, "but I also felt like I WANTED TO GO TO COLLEGE, not college in a school or university but COLLEGE IN LIFE. I wanted to move up. I WANTED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I wanted to expand. I wanted to grow. And that's what this is all about...."

^^^Now, notice that Pac said "I WANTED TO GO TO COLLEGE" - "COLLEGE IN LIFE", but notice he also explains "I WANTED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT" so this must be concerning A DIFFERENT THING right? But let's look at something else that Pac shares with us in the interview:

(4) At 32:27 Pac says "When I said Thug Life is dead, it does not mean that Thug Life is dead in the world. That just means that I HAVE GRADUATED TO THE NEXT LEVEL TO BE THE PLAYA. Not a player of females but A PLAYA OF LIFETHIS GAME OF LIFE IS A GAME AND YOU HAVE TO PLAY IT to the fullest, and I graduated. You know, I'm in college now, THE COLLEGE OF LIFE, you know, I want my brothers to graduate too"

^^^ Here, Pac refers to himself as "A PLAYA" - "A PLAYA OF LIFE." I believe this is in reference to his NEW LIFE after death where He PLAYS THE GAME OF LIFE and he is in THE COLLEGE OF LIFE. The reason why he says "COLLEGE" is because in his new life after death he'll be acting as one who is spending time studying and learning lessons and strategys. It's also kinda like being in a sybollic prison where he'll reading books. Pac getting shot in 96 would be flash back of his getting shot in 94 and going to jail. His plan was to pretend like he gets shot in 96 and goes to a jail for himself which would also be symbollic of A COLLEGE where he could sit and read a lot and study a lot so he could play a DIFFERENT GAME very effectively . Does that make sense? 

(5) Towards the end of the track," Staring through My Rearview " he tells us more,"]Once a motherfucker get an understanding on THE GAME and what the levels and the RULES OF THE GAME IS then the world ain't no trick no more. THE WORLD IS A GAME TO BE PLAYED"

(6) Let's see what EDI says in the remix/retail version of "One Day At A Time " : "The rappers in the game ain't changed and I finally realize that WE'RE NOT IN THE SAME GAME"

^^^^Remember as far back as 1991 on the track "Trapped" Pac said "I CHANGED" and "PLAYED A DIFFERENT GAME", but can you see that EDI is telling us on "One Day AT A Time" that "WE'RE NOT IN THE SAME GAME" which is a way of telling us that THEY ARE NOW IN A DIFFERENT GAME? If the game is not the same then it is A DIFFERENT GAME, so it's in connection with what 2pac talked about in "Trapped."

There are other lyrics where 2pac reveals himself as A PLAYA OF LIFE :

(7) In "Unconditional Love " he says "One day I hope to make it A PLAYA IN THIS GAME, mama don't cry, long as we try maybe THINGS CHANGE"

(8) In "How Do you Want It " he says that he's, "MR. INTERNATIONAL PAYA with the passport"

^^^I like his use of the word "international" here because the world consists of all the nations and anyone who plays the world could in another sense be refered to an international playa.

(9) In "Thug N Me " he says ,"yeah baby it's a price to pay, ONLY PLAYA in the fast lane. When you a hustla muthafucka cash came!"

^^^I believe he lets us know he's the "only playa" because he's the only one playing this type of game- the game of life.

(10) In "I ain't mad at cha " 1st verse, Pac talks about himself in 2nd and 3rd person. "hope your wife know SHE GOT A PLAYA FO' LIFE and that's no bullshittin" Notice he also says about himself in that verse, "It seems I lost my little homie, HE'S A CHANGED MAN. Hit the pen and then no sinin IS THE GAME PLAN."

^^^So Pac shares the "GAME PLAN " of "A CHANGED MAN". That CHANGED MAN also happens to be "A PLAYA FO' LIFE"!

(11) In "Changes " Pac says, "I love to GO BACK to WHEN WE PLAYED as kids."

^^^In order to understand what he's saying here you'll need to see that if a person were to getreincarnated or reborn, that would mean that they'd have to start out again as babies and go through a growing or development stage as kids,and perhaps kids like to play. So pac refers to it as "WHEN WE PLAYED as kids." You see he wanted to "GO BACK" by being reborn and PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE, you dig?

(12) In "California Love " he refers to "the life of a west side PLAYA WHERE cowards die." He says "WHERE" because in the song, California is supposed to be symbollic of some strange place- some place WHERE he's at.

(13) In both "Can't see me " and "Check out time" he refer's to himself as a "Boss PLAYA"

(14) In "Don't Stop "(Dogg Pound feat. 2pac) Pac tells us in his verse, "Mr. Makaveli MOVIN pieces like Telekenisi, IT'S LIKE A CHESS GAME, LET'S PLAY with real pieces"

All the above lyrics were posted to show you different ways in which Pac reveals to us in his lyrics that he acts as THE PLAYA OF LIFE.

And now let's go back and see something in THE LAST INTERVIEW- Thug Immortal Interviewwhere 2pac is talking about Biggie and 2pac uses what he says about Biggie to reveal that he faked his death and he acts like he's playing the game of life :


(15) ^^^Notice the words that are in bold! that he's using to describe Biggie. See what picture they form!

0:26 "He owe me more that to turn his head AND ACT like he don't know niggaz was about to blow my fu*kin head off"

0:39 "then If that's cool, DISSAPEARand be a mouse, be a fu**in mouse

0:48 "three weeks later your albums coming out and YOU ARE A FUCKIN DON IN YOUR ALBUM!"

1:08 "and he didn't know SO HE WAS FAKING"

1:12 "I COULDN'T BELIEVE that everybody was treating Biggie LIKE THE BIGGEST FUCKIN STAR IN THE WORLD

1:18 "I COULDN'T BELIEVE that people was buying into THE PLAYA IMAGE"

^^^So Pac reveals to us that he's ACTING, DISSAPEARING, he's A DON IN HIS ALBUM(Makaveli tha Don), He's FAKING. After Pac's supposed death, he becomes like THE BIGGEST STAR IN THE WORLD. People COULDN'T BELIEVE this shit! But notice something .....people was buying into THE PLAYA IMAGEHe was acting as A PLAYA OF LIFE. He potrayed a PLAYA IMAGE! tupac knew what he was doing and what he had planned , hence 

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