An Active & Ongoing "Master List" of Facts and Speculations concerning the Deaths, Cases and Investigations of Tupac "2pac" Shakur and Christopher "Biggie Smalls"Wallace.


  1. Tupac Shakur is born on June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn, NY.  Shakur's mother, Afeni Shakur is an active member of the Black Panther Party.  The name Shakur is Arabic for "Thankful to Allah"
  2. Eric “Eazy-E” Wright and Jerry Heller co-found Ruthless Records in 1987.  Wright receives 80 percent of all income, Heller; 20 percent.
  3. Suge Knight is employed as a bodyguard by SOLAR Records head, Dick Griffey.  Knight also provided protection for NWA group members.  The group NWA was under contract by Ruthless Records.
  4. Marion “Suge” Knight co-founds Death Row Records with Andre “Dr. Dre” Young, and Tracy “The DOC” Curry and Dick Griffey in 1991.  Later, additional partners are revealed; Michael “Harry-O” Harris, and criminal defense attorney, David Kenner.
  5. Michael Harris, a known and convicted drug dealer and prisoner, contributes $1 million to finance Death Row Records.
  6. Death Row Records startup capital partially funded by drug money.  A judgment in the amount of $107 million, awarded in a civil suit filed by Michael Harris proves this fact.
  7. Eazy-E affiliated with the Crips gang.
  8. Michael Harris and Suge Knight, affiliated with the Bloods gang, albeit different sets.
  9. Suge Knight and his associates threaten Eric Wright and Jerry Heller with death and physical violence in order to release The DOC, Michel’le and Dr. Dre from their Ruthless contracts and sign with Death Row Records.
  10. Eric Wright files a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Sony Music Entertainment, parent company of Death Row Records in 1992.  Accusations involve violations of the RICO Act.  This fact is a direct consequence of Fact # 9.
  11. Christopher “Notorious BIG” Wallace, discovered by Uptown Records, A&R / Producer, Sean Combs, who signs Wallace to Uptown.
  12. Sean “Puffy” Combs founds Bad Boy Records in 1993.  Signs C. Wallace to label.
  13. Tupac meets and maintains the friendship and company of Jacques Agnant, "Haitian Jack".
  14. Tupac meets and maintains an association with James Rosemond, "Jimmy Henchman".  Henchman appears as an extended association through Agnant.
  15. Tupac  “2pac” Shakur, along with others, including Jacques Agnant, is charged with rape in November 1993.
  16. Agnant's lawyers separate his case from Shakur's case, although they were initially charged together.
  17. It becomes known soon after that Jacques Agnant and James Rosemond are Informants for a Federal / NYPD Task Force investigating a variety of different crimes.
  18. Shakur is shot and robbed at Quad studios, New York City, NY on November 30, 1994.
  19. On February 6, 1995, Shakur is sentenced to 1.5-4.5 years at the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York on a sexual assault charge.
  20. Shakur accuses Sean Combs, Andre Harrell, Biggie Smalls and fellow Bad Boy Records associates of organizing the Quad Studio Shooting.  Shakur also suspects and later accuses Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchman of directly being involved in the organization of the shooting.
  21. On March 26, 1995, Eric “Eazy -E” Wright, months after contracting the AIDS virus, dies from AIDS related pneumonia.
  22. Tomica Woods marries Eric Wright on his deathbed, eventually inheriting Ruthless Records as Owner and CEO.
  23. Tupac  Shakur is bailed out of prison by Suge Knight and Death Row Records on a pending appeal on his charge.  Shakur signs a 3 album deal with the label.
  24. On August 3rd, 1995 at the Source Awards, Suge Knight publicly taunts Bad Boy Records and Founder, Sean Combs.  As affirmed by the latter’s (Combs) reaction to the former’s (Knight) words during the event.  Both the event and reactions were recorded.
  25. Suge Knight’s bodyguard, Jake Robles a Death Row employee and MOB Piru Blood is shot and killed at a party at the Platinum House in Atlanta, GA on September 24, 1995.
  26. At a Death Row Christmas party in Hollywood, Mark Anthony Bell is beaten by Suge Knight’s associates, which consist of Blood gang members, and Death Row employees.  Bell is asked to give up Sean Comb’s LA home address, which he does not do.  2pac Shakur and Dr. Dre are present during the beating.
  27. 2pac Shakur releases his first album on Death Row Records, All Eyez on Me on February 13, 1996.  Later in the year more releases continue, including the single, Hit 'Em Up which publicly attacks Bad Boy Records, the Notorious BIG and other label affiliates.
  28. Sean Combs hires L.A. South Side Crips gang members as security for various concert / business related activities while in Los Angeles, CA.  Comb's close friend, Eric "Zip" Martin brought Combs into contact with Crips gang members.
  29. 2pac Shakur initiates a fight with Orlando Anderson, a known South Side Crip gang member in the MGM Grand Lobby along with the rest of the Death Row Records Entourage.  The incident is caught on video surveillance.
  30. On September 7th, 1996, 2pac Shakur and Suge Knight are the victims of a drive by shooting in Las Vegas, NV.  Knight suffers a minor wound from a grazed bullet in the head, while Shakur is hit 4 times and dies six days later at University Medical Center on September 13th, 1996.
  31. The murder investigation points to Orlando Anderson as a leading suspect in the shooting.  An eyewitness describes four male blacks in a white new model cadillac.
  32. The Ammunition, determined by LVMPD police to be from a 40 Caliber pistol.
  33. In November 1996, Yaki Kadafi, a relative of Shakur's and a member of Shakur's group, the Outlawz, is murdered in New Jersey.  Kadafi alleged to have seen the driver of the white cadillac the night 2pac was shot. Kadafi declines to be interviewed or view a line up of Orlando after Death Rows attorneys advise him not to cooperate.
  34. On November 30, 1995, a year to the day of Shakur's Quad studio shooting.  Shakur's longtime friend, Randy "Stretch" Walker is murdered execution style in New York City.  Walker was present alongside Shakur during the robbery and shooting at Quad studios.
  35. In early 1997, the FBI begins investigating whether the JDL (Jewish Defense League) extorted Tupac Shakur and Eric Wright, either for political or social gain, financing for their organization or for personal profit.
  36. The FBI is reported to have approximately 5000 pages of documentation concerning Tupac Shakur.  Only 99 of those pages have been made public due to what the FBI cites as a potential National Security risk if they were made public.
  37. On March 9th, 1997, Christopher Wallace is shot and killed in Los Angeles, CA in a drive by shooting.
  38. Officer Russell Poole is assigned to the Biggie Smalls murder investigation.
  39. Poole resigns from the LAPD in 1999. 
  40. Poole makes information regarding the investigation public in a book co written with Randal Sullivan titled, LAbirynth, released in 2002.  Poole believes Suge Knight, a blood affiliate, ordered David Mack, an LAPD police officer to kill Wallace.
  41. In 2005, Voletta Wallace, mother of Christopher Wallace, files a wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles.
  42. The case is subsequently reopened and the details concerning the renewed investigation can be found in Greg Kading's book, Murder Rap.
  43. South Side Los Angeles, CA Crip gang member, Keffe D confesses to the murder of Tupac Shakur at the behest of Puffy Combs. Claims his nephew and fellow South Side Crip gang member, Orlando Anderson did the shooting.
  44. Both Tupac Shakur's and Biggie Small's murders officially remain unsolved.
  45. In Mid 2011, a former James Rosemond associate and prisoner named Dexter Isaac confesses to getting paid by James Rosemond to rob Tupac Shakur the night of the Quad studio shooting in 1994.  Isaac also vaguely suggests Rosemond's association with Sean Combs, although not specifically stating whether Combs was linked in any way to the organization of the shooting.
  46. The term MOB is defined as Member of Bloods among other street definitions and meanings the term is used within.



  1. Ruthless Records startup capital partially funded by drug money.
  2. Bad Boy Records startup capital partially funded by drug money.
  3. Sean Combs, Andre Harrell, Biggie Smalls and their associates organized the Quad Studio shooting.
  4. Either Suge Knight and /or Jerry Heller and/or Tomica Wright were involved in Eazy-E’s contraction of the AIDS virus and his eventual death from the illness.
  5. Sean Combs orders his body guards to shoot Death Row CEO, Suge Knight.  The shots hit Knight’s bodyguard, Jake Robles, who is killed.
  6. Sean Combs wants both 2pac Shakur and Suge Knight killed and has contacted various people, including Los Angeles South Side Crips gang members to carry out the hit.
  7. Suge Knight had motive to kill 2pac Shakur due to Shakur's desire to leave Death Row Records after fulfilling his contractual obligations and executed the killing of 2pac on the night of September 7, 1996.
  8. Tupac Shakur was killed by Crips gang members after Shakur and the Death Row entourage, consisting of Bloods gang members, jumped and beat up Orlando Anderson, a Los Angeles, Crips gang member.
  9. The Notorious BIG ordered the killing of 2pac Shakur and may have been in Las Vegas the night of the shooting.
  10. Tupac Shakur faked his death.
  11. Suge Knight is in no way involved in the death of Biggie Smalls.
  12. An unnamed Death Row informant claims Randy "Stretch" Walker was murdered by a MOB Piru named, "Knob" Johnson.

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Comment by Don H on July 18, 2012 at 4:26pm

On Greg Kading's (a former LAPD Police Officer assigned to the Biggie Smalls murder investigation and an active member on suggestion, I have made this list as a resource for anyone who wants to understand the cases better and where they currently stand as of now in terms of Facts vs. Fictions, Evidence vs. Theories.

This list will inevitably change as time goes on and I encourage anyone who thinks there is or are errors on this list to private message me.  This list should hopefully, one day, become what I have termed it, A Master List of Facts and Speculations concerning both of the Tupac and Biggie cases.

Greg, I will email you and PM you in the future.  In the meantime, let me know if the current list is legitimate.

Comment by Don H on July 19, 2012 at 9:02pm

I have just finished making some changes, so please go ahead, anyone, and double check them if you have the time or when you have the time. 

@a+, I want to include as much as I can from your posts but I want to specifically state each piece as fact, I have already included the 5000 pages of FBI documentation but I have no actual proof this is true.

I also have established a link to Islam by way of the Arabic meaning of Shakur.  I don't know how far we should or can go with this, for example, to state that Islam does not allow Cremation and to also state that 2pac was cremated implies there is a link to Islam within Shakur and his family.  Do we have evidence suggesting this link or association?  It's not mentioned much at all! But due to the name, the link is obvious at first glance. 

Also, @ Greg, look over some of the stuff about Agnant and Rosemond I put in there.  I'm split about using their real names or  It's a valid point I think, if this list is meant to produce "specific" effects on the reader.  So far I am just alternating.

Also let me know how much FBI / Black Panther / Surveillance links and facts we can put in here.  The reason I ask is because, at first, I thought this was just gonna be about the cases and investigations...but now it looks like we are going to have to put in background information if the present day information on other subjects is necessary to bring up.  For example, if i bring up the FBI due to the JDL involvement, I would have to decide how much of an FBI link and association I want to reveal on the list, especially if there is more history there.

The things I would need help on are the little things. Like ways to verify if something is definitely irrefutable and if not, I can just throw it on the speculation list.

Comment by whiteout on March 31, 2013 at 9:40am

"On September 7th, 1996, 2pac Shakur and Suge Knight are the victims of a drive by shooting in Las Vegas, NV.  Knight suffers a minor wound from a grazed bullet in the head, while Shakur is hit 4 times and dies six days later at University Medical Center on September 13th, 1996." <--- Not facts. Believe "the story", if you must, but, by doing so, I believe you are being extremely naive. ZERO witnesses. 100% hear-say. Again, no disrespect to investigators and journalists, actually vested in this case, but, the "facts" they've been given and the STORY they've (been given and) told is a story. Stories are good enough for most people. Stories give most people closure.

Comment by Don H on March 31, 2013 at 10:02am

you're right. it may very well be the story.  i had a discussion with an admin last night and there might be a way to make this more accurate and in line with the Truth.    It might not be a bad idea to have multiple columns and even divide Facts into two categories.   Reported vs. Verified Facts.   Perhaps instead of Verified...we could even go for a stronger approach: Disputed  vs. Undisputed Facts.   Whatever is the most effective.

We may even have a column for Stories...perhaps calling it urban tales / myths ...who knows.

If u have any suggestions go ahead and put em up.

Comment by whiteout on March 31, 2013 at 10:12am

Cool. All I'm really saying is, regarding the '96 "shooting" and the following 6 days, there are few, if any, facts.

Comment by Justice on March 31, 2013 at 10:21am

?suggestion?: "On September 7th, 1996, it was reported that 2pac Shakur and Suge Knight are the victims of a drive by shooting in Las Vegas, NV.  Knight suffers a minor wound from a grazed bullet in the head (disputed?), while Shakur (according to autopsy reports) was hit 4 times and (reported) dead six days later at University Medical Center on September 13th, 1996.” (Fact#30)

Comment by Don H on March 31, 2013 at 4:38pm

That's very good.   But this whole thing is gonna have to re edited, either i will place the reported, disputed, verified in parenthesis as u did or mark them some other way so we can later re organize and put the statements in different categories.    This is gonna take some time and I will have to carve out some time either this week or this weekend to be able to do that.

I remember what I liked about this list and that is that it read like a connected sequence or story that people could see developing.   It's going to be a challenge to organize the statements and still give the feel of a story....i mean, its not always easy  to read an investigating police teams story board of pictures, notes and details etc...right?

I want to make this as simplified and accessible as possible but also extremely thorough and completely verified.    There also needs to be citations in here.

It's just so much damn information and sources.  It's intense but as a fan of most of the parties involved it is also interesting, so hopefully that interest will keep me motivated.

Comment by Henry Cooper on March 31, 2013 at 4:59pm

This is impressive and non-stoppable!!!

Comment by Greg Kading on March 31, 2013 at 7:19pm

@ Don.....if you want to email me a draft of these lists, I can make some additions. It's easier than going back and forth with multiple emails.  Good job tho bro.....Trust me, I know how much work it is.

@ White out - no offense brother, but just because you're unaware of certain facts, doesn't mean facts don't exist. There were multiple witnesses to Tupac's shooting, hospitalization, and death. There are at least 30 witnesses who documented their observations about the September 7-13, events. Did you listen to Kadafi's interview? Did you read Franks interview? Did you read the paramedic reports? Did you read the autopsy report? Did you read Alton McDonalds interview? How bout Kevin Woods? Did you read the surgeons reports? How bout the observations of the cops who watched Pac get loaded on a gurney. What about Pac's clothes that are still booked in evidence. What about the guy who's van was shot in the crossfire? What about Suge's interview? How bout the BMW which was impounded and examined? Where'd the bullet holes come from? This is a short list on FACTS. Compiled by many people who didn't even know each other and would have never had the opportunity to get together and conspire to tell some grand tale about a rapper they neither knew or cared about. 

There are hundreds of facts in this case and they all come together to tell one story and one story only. If you can provide ANY facts that tell a different story, I/we'd love to hear them. 

Comment by Asher on March 31, 2013 at 8:38pm

@Greg are you familiar with this guy “Boagni” who "claims that Perez — who served time for, among other things, stealing three kilos of cocaine from LAPD evidence facilities — and Mack both worked off-duty security details on the side for Knight and Death Row Records.” ?


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