2Pac died in 1996 then his posthumous album "Still I Rise" releases 3 years later. Jesus ROSE 3 days later after he died from crucifixion according to the bible.

First Reference:

In "Black Jesus" from the Still I Rise album, 2Pac says ...

"Which one of y'all wanna feel the degrees, bitches FREEZE facing Black Jesus".

The freezing point of water is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 2Pac would've been 32 when the documentary Resurrection was released in 2003.

Second Reference:

In Blasphemy Intro "As the Lord does Return in the coming 7 days, we will see you next time here and next week in bible prophecy"

The coming 7 years we get "Resurrection" DVD.

2Pac refers to himself as Black Jesus as a metaphor and means years instead of days.This is my first time coming out with this theory to the public. It has been thoroughly researched as you will see, and is now open for debate. For starters, most die-hard Pac fans are familiar with the numerous Makaveli mixtapes. It was on one of these mixtapes that the song Me and my closest roaddogz was released. The OG version had Big Syke on the 2nd verse with Pac delivering the 1st and 3rd verses. However when this song was re-released commercially on the Until the end of time cd, the Syke verse was omitted and replaced with a unheard Pac verse. This in itself is not unusual as fans will recall this being done on several Pac songs. What is alarming though is an extremely overlooked line Pac spits towards the end of the second verse.  
"The burnin bed was the tellin sign
Two hired guns bustin everyone, yellin everybody die
Why the fuck they fuck around, we left 'em in the fog
bleedin like a stuck hog, me and my closest road dogz"

 Pac raps "the burning bed was the telling sign...two hired guns busting everyone, yelling everybody die....why the fuck they fuck around...we left em in the fog bleeding like a stuck hog...me and my closest road dog". Now this may sound like typical Pac ferocity, but in my opinion this is the most singular clue Pac has left us of his "plan". Now let's break down these lyrics and i will show you why I say this. Pac made sure to reference "the burning bed", stating that it was "the telling sign".

He also mentioned "two hired guns busting everyone". Lastly he makes note of some foolish behavior by his enemies, "why the fuck they fuck around". The burning bed Pac mentions is not a reference to being cremated as I have heard some state erroneously, this is in fact a reference to a made for tv movie starring Farrah Fawcett entitled 'The Burning Bed'.

It was about a woman from Michigan who after 13 years of abuse at the hands of her husband, poured gasoline around his bed and set it and the house on fire. This is based on a true story. In the real life story the husband of the abused woman died on March 9th 1977...true hip-hop fans will recognize this as the same date that Christopher Wallace aka Biggie died on, March 9th 1997. 


But what of the "two hired guns"? It is known that Death Row had off duty 
police officers on payroll. To explain the connection between Death Row and the police at this time is unnecessary...it speaks for itself. Witnesses reported seeing a man dressed in a bowtie as the shooter. Was this the "hired gun"? If you put all this into its proper context, the question Pac asked makes perfect sense..."why the fuck they fuck around"? Why did Biggie come to L.A.? Pac "died" in 96'...Biggie in 97'. But as you see Pac not only described the manner in which Big was killed, but he also referenced the exact day!!! I have kept this theory to myself for many years....you can research the web and it doesn't exist anywhere. I am submitting this to Tupac Fans as proof that at the very least Pac had knowledge of Biggie's death well in advance. Four points to highlight the significance of this piece of evidence;

- March 9th 1997 was NOT an insignificant date what was made significant by the murder of B.I.G.

- March 9th 1997 marked the end of the weekend on what the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards were to be hosted in LA. (An event B.I.G would almost definitely be attending)

- March 9th 1997 was the first FORSEEABLE date during 1996-1997 that B.I.G would be in California.
(If B.I.G was confident to attend following Pac’s death, logic dictates he would have been confident to attend had Pac not of died in 96)

- “Two hired guns bustin’ everyone, yellin’ everybody die”.
If Suge Knight had wanted B.I.G dead and was willing to participate in the murder, March 9th 1997 becomes the ideal date to plan the murder of B.I.G on. The best method for Suge to murder B.I.G would be to use the resources he had at hand. Enter David Mack (D.M) and Rafael Perez (R.P). Serving LAPD officers that were well trained marksmen, more than cable of executing the clinical shooting of B.I.G. Being LAPD officers D.M and R.P would have been working within their own territory. They would have had access to LAPD radios and would have been aware of all police activities on the night. Furthermore, had any evidence against D.M and R.P surfaced the LAPD would have unlikely followed up with an investigation. The exposure the LAPD received following the Rampart Scandal and subsequent inquires into the corruption that existed during the 90’s would have been enough of a deterrent against pursing murder charges against two serving LAPD officers affiliated with gang activity.

“The burning bed was the telling sign” > “March 9th was the telling sign” > “B.I.G’s planned murder/murder was the telling sign”.

What is Pac trying to tell us? > What does B.I.G’s murder tell us?
This is where the evidence and subsequent implications divide. The same question needs answering by both parties. When was the 1997 Soul Train music awards organised?

Alive theorists;
If the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards were organised after September 1996 we are left with a strong logical conclusion; Pac survived past September 1996 and recorded the added verse in ‘My Closest Roaddogz’ between September 1996 and 2001, when ‘Until The End Of Time’ is released and the commercial copy of ‘My Closest Roaddogz’ features. In this scenario the verse would have most likely been recorded following B.I.G’s death as part of Pac’s trail of bread crumbs that he has left us all to follow.

Dead believers;
If the 1997 Soul Train Music Awards was organised before or around Sept 1996 it would be fairly logical to deduce that a plan to take B.I.G down after the Soul Train Music Awards had been formulated at some point during 1996. If a plan to murder B.I.G had been formulated before September 1996, and Pac knew of this plan several more questions are raised. In this scenario solving B.I.G’s murder case would most likely solve Pac’s murder case.

I have been looking for reliable sources that give an idea to when the 1997 Soul Train music awards were organised but have been unable to find anything. Places to look would be reprints of newspaper and magazine articles from 1996 that mention the awards and possible nominees . 

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Comment by Don H on May 20, 2012 at 11:42pm


Amazing read.  For me at least, there are some valid observations  to think about here.  I was thinking about how I would approach your post, so I will lay out some basic findings and observations of my own and then move into the commentary.

March 9, 1997 was a Friday.  The Soul Train Awards were held two days before on Wednesday, March 7, 1997. 

As for the line you quote from Black Jesus, the correlation you draw to water is something I am wholly willing to consider, especially if you believe that water is essential to life and in fact is a SIGN of Life.  Therefore, in the particular verse, the speaker, Makaveli, is describing his Heartless and Cold actions toward his enemies, those that oppose him, or even those that doubt him.  Makaveli is capable of Freezing his opponents, Stopping them, Ending them, Ending Life and all Signs of it..  The interpretation involving water, and particularly 32 degrees could hold other meanings as well....possibly.

Speaking of Signs, there are references to multiple signs in this song.  There is the "Telling Sign", The "Stop Sign" from the chorus line, "every ghetto street has a stop sign" --> Stop the self destruction.  and of course...the Signs of Life and Death.  ---> The possible survival; continuity of Life for Tupac Shakur and his possible involvement with either the planning or simply the interpretation of events that took place after his death.  The Sign of Death, indicated by a reference to March 9th by way of an true life incident taking place on March 9th, 1977 known through a dramatization released 7 years later as the Burning Bed, which as Brent5 argues...is a reference made by 2pac, pointing to the death of Notorious BIG which also took place on the same date, March 9th.

I believe in the possible survival angle here.  Since usually only a complete reflection of such events could bring about such a coincidence.  And this is less of a coincidence than an indication of deep reflection and study.  Which could only be possible through the speaker's survival.

Or, on the other hand as Brent5 says, these lyrics were written before 2pac's death, in which case he would have had knowledge of the planning involved to murder BIG.  Although a possibility, I will respectfully choose not to believe this interpretation.  Since, planning for the presence of one's target to be in a specific place  for a specific set of dates is not something that  can be known with complete certainty.

I have been searching for other meanings for The Burning Bed, but I have found none.  If anyone knows anything more, let me know, since this phrase has a familiar sound to it.

The reference to the Two Hired Guns has an obvious  and simple meaning if you ask me.   In the scheme of all things taking place in the rap industry during the 90's, two names have joined together to form a story, a phrase, a common identity in Culture...2pac and Biggie.  Two coasts, Two Figures...and Two Guns!....this is simple.

Something else I found interesting in these lyrics is the use of the words Hog and Stuck Hog...bleeding like a Stuck Hog.   This is a common phrase, to bleed like a stuck pig is to bleed profusely from a main artery for slaughter.   Many cultures and people have viewed pigs as being unclean, impure, even devilish.  They indicate greed and gluttony.   If we consider this.....then we can also consider that on the original Makaveli 3 Day Theory album, there is a picture of Biggie as a Pig....or Piggie.   Then we can equate this shared imagery between Biggie's behavior, possibly as a Pig? perhaps indicating Greed?  Also consider the 2pac song Holla At Me from All Eyez on Me...in which he is communicating to Biggie on that song and the chorus is about not allowing the Evil of the Money to Trap him...and Pac himself stated in at least One interview that I can directly recall...that the Biggie and them got trapped by the money and the power....

These are my interpretations and commentary on this Finding of yours Brent5....It truly is amazing and personally do not know if anyone,....anywhere could have ever, ever found this correlation as you have....it's simply too deep and inconspicuous.

Comment by Don H on May 21, 2012 at 12:43am

Correction: I made a mistake above, with the dates of the Soul Train Awards and the murder of Biggie Smalls.  The Awards were held on Friday, March 7, 1997 and BIG was murdered on Sunday March 9, 1997.

Comment by brent5 on May 21, 2012 at 9:18am

thank you for your views don benito, your thoughts to this story is truely amazing,i believe that tupac was to smart for then to murder him just like that.fact being that he knew he was a dead man walking as he said himself,so why go to las vegas if you knew you would be dead in a hours unless you had a plan? there is alot of ways to watch this and my beliefs stands that tupac didn't die on sept 13th but he left on a helicopter or a private jet for the sake of himself and his family,remember afeni once said ,he chose to leave quietly which makes you think..thank you benito,lets keep bringing this mystery to light..


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